Choosing a health insurance policy is a big decision. For a cancer patient, it could be the only decision that matters.


No two insurance policies are exactly the same. One policy might offer superior coverage, but if few doctors accept it, the policy may be worthless!


RCCS does not sell health insurance policies, but we have the expertise to help cancer patients select the best policy for their illness. Each patient’s needs are different; we help the patient choose by identifying the types of care they are likely to need, and then suggesting policies that best cover those treatments and providers.


Even though patients may qualify for Medicaid, all are steered towards the private policy coverage that will offer them the best care for their illness. While it may be impossible to open a new policy for a patient who has already received a diagnosis of cancer, law requires insurers to open new policies for anyone who currently holds a policy for 12 months or longer, no matter their diagnosis.