For the past two decades RCCS has been providing the tools required to fight the daily battles of cancer, bringing hope to patients from across the United States, and most recently in Israel, in the form of insurance premium payments. A cancer-stricken patient’s chances for survival and recovery are greatly reduced without the best insurance policy and access to the best doctors, life-saving procedures and exorbitant medications.

They are hardworking people with jobs, who, when faced with the devastating reality of cancer, quickly learn how illusory financial security can be. The staggering debt associated with cancer treatments can destroy a family’s finances and peace of mind. RCCS raises money to pay existing or upgraded insurance premiums and make available vital funds.

RCCS knows that fighting cancer is more than just health insurance. It’s about being thrust into an overwhelming and complex medical system and being desperate for the right information — which doctor to use, what to ask and which life saving decision to make. It is why our services include guidance about meals, transportation, medical equipment, emotional support and more.