For every one person diagnosed with cancer a tidal wave is created, engulfing family and friends and leaving heartache in its wake.

It crosses every age, background and geographical demographic; newborn babies, innocent little children, teenagers in their prime, young vibrant mothers, beloved fathers, elderly grandparents. It sneaks up when you are least expecting it, leaving you reeling and utterly overwhelmed– physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The cure is oftentimes worse than the disease, compounding the fear with endless pain and excruciating suffering.

The truth is, that for everything you may know about cancer, the reality is ten times worse.


A mother who needs to quit her job to care for her child and has neither the head nor the strength to cook, clean and care for her family; a father who can no longer provide for his loved ones, because he is fighting for his life. Siblings who are too young to understand the stress and tension, teenagers who are old enough to grasp the magnitude of the diagnoses, yet feel powerless to help; friends who are suffering alongside the family. RCCS is there.